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It has been 6 years since the launched of the first Kindle on 19 November 2007 to Kindle Paperwhite on 1 October 2012, where can I buy Kindle in Singapore? You may find it hard to believe that Kindle is not available in a modernized country like Singapore? According to the internet source, it was said that this may have been due to copyright issues, some kind of ‘political' reason, etc., and Amazon did not give any clear reasons on this matter as well. After all we are not alone, Kindle is also not available in many countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen and many more. Until the day Kindle is available in Singapore, which we have waited long enough, do you think this will ever happen, huh? Amazon China already has its beta version of Kindle shop launched, though it is only available through Kindle app for computer, iOS and Android devices. Obviously, this has paved way for Kindle device in China, will this take off? We shall see. How about Singapore? Well, life will find its way, we do not have Amazon Singapore, but there are many alternative ways for you to buy Kindle in Singapore, and same for Malaysia.

Where can I buy Kindle in Singapore?

Here we will discuss the various ways you can buy Kindle in Singapore. If you are internet savvy enough, you can easily find that Kindle and Kindle Fire is actually selling on many online platforms like online shops, eBay and some forums. And if you are observant enough, you may also find that some retailers like game shop and computer shop in your neighborhood are selling Kindle too. However, they are priced at high markup, normally around S$50 to S$200 on top of the listed price in Amazon (after conversion to Singapore Dollar).

So, another question that you may asking will be: how do these people to get Kindle and sell in Singapore? Well, this is what I am going to reveal to you, how and where can I buy Kindle in Singapore?  With this method, you can also buy Kindle in Malaysia and Indonesia. Apparently, the cheapest way is to ask your friend or relatives in U.S. to buy it then send or bring it to you. Okay, we are getting close to the answer now. What if you do not have any friends or relatives in the U.S.? Well, the secret answer is: you pay someone in U.S. for sending it over to you in Singapore or Malaysia. Of course, the ‘someone' we referring here is not a person but a company that specialized in providing this type of forwarding service. I call them “Package Forwarders”, these companies have an office in the U.S., and they will provide you with their U.S. office's address (also known as “virtual address”), with this “Virtual Address” you can now buy Kindle from U.S. Amazon and instruct them to deliver your Kindle to the package forwarder's office, the package forwarder will receive the Kindle on your behalf and they will forward the package to you in Singapore or Malaysia.

This method does not only enable you to buy Kindle in Singapore but also allow you to buy many other items sold in the U.S. that does not ship internationally. In order to make you understand clearly, I have provided the step-by-step tutorials to walk you through the whole process so that you will get a bigger picture and be able to start immediately. Below are the links to respective tutorial:

How to Buy Kindle in Singapore Tutorial

How to Buy Kindle in Malaysia Tutorial

How to Buy Kindle in Indonesia Tutorial

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