VPN for Kindle Fire HDX in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

Why do you need install VPN for Kindle Fire HDX? Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is a great multimedia tablet, however as you may have already noticed that many features of Kindle Fire HDX are not available outside USA such as Amazon Prime and Netflix video streaming. So, you need a [...]

Kindle App For Android in Singapore and Malaysia

Kindle App For Android Getting Kindle app for Android is very straight forward.  You can directly download it from Google Play Store here, there is no region restriction like Apple devices.   However, for some Android devices that do not come with a pre-installed Google Play Store or cannot install [...]

Buy Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Paperwhite Kindle in Indonesia

Amazon is offering the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire to many countries in the Asia.  However, but for some reasons only few countries within South East Asia are not eligible.  So, you cannot get Kindle in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam directly ship from Amazon.com. Nonetheless, you can still [...]

How to Buy Kindle Fire HDX in Malaysia FREE Tutorials – Kindle Malaysia

As you may have already noticed that Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is not available to Malaysia, if you want buy Kindle Fire HDX in Malaysia you have to either buy through the private local reseller or parallel import it to Malaysia by yourself.   The main benefits of you buying [...]

Buy Chinese Kindle book from China Amazon (Amazon.cn)

Ever since the launch of Kindle book store on China Amazon in the end of 2012, we have found a way to buy Chinese Kindle book from China Amazon. However, we did not publish the tutorial until we are very sure that it will work. Buy Chinese Kindle book from [...]

3rd Generation New Kindle Paperwhite with 330ppi display Singapore

3rd Generation New Kindle Paperwhite? Just two months after the launching of all new Kindle Paperwhite (2nd generation), TechCrunch has reported that Amazon is preparing for it 3rd Generation New Kindle Paperwhite to be released in 2nd quater of 2014.   The report claims that a prototype of 3rd Generation New [...]

Quick Guides on Amazon Singapore Free Shipping Eligibility

Amazon USA Free Shipping to Singapore: This post provides you the quick guides to buy things from Amazon USA and have it ship to Singapore for free, this guides also applicable to Amazon Free shipping to India too.   AmazonGlobal Saver: You can get your Amazon order ship to Singapore [...]

Amazon Singapore – Get Free Shipping to Singapore

Amazon Free Shipping to Singapore Yes, you heard it right.  Amazon is now offering free internal shipping to Singapore and India; that’s mean you can now buy things directly from Amazon.com and have them sent to your doorstep without paying the shipping charge.  This will save you quite amount of [...]

Buying Kindle Fire HDX in Singapore

Buying Kindle Fire HDX in Singapore? Amazon has announced new Kindle Fire tablets called Kindle Fire HDX, this update gives the expected upgrades on the tablets, and adds an amazing innovative feature: human customer support through live video chat.   Click here to check out the Kindle Fire HDX latest [...]

Amazon New Kindle Paperwhite

Buying all new Kindle Paperwhite in Singapore. Amazon has finally announced the new Kindle Paperwhite, second-generation Kindle Paperwhite (the 6th version of Kindle e-ink reader) on its website yesterday.  It is now open for pre-order and scheduled to begin shipping 30 September 2013.   Amazon won’t be reinventing the wheel with [...]

Kindle App for iPhone iPad in Singapore and Malaysia

Kindle app for iPhone iPad Singapore and Malaysia. Kindle app is a free app for you to read your Kindle books in your iOS devices.  Kindle app Singapore doesn’t exist because Kindle app for iPod, iPhone or iPad is not available in iTunes Singapore, and same for people who want [...]

Amazon Prime Free Trial Account Singapore

What is Amazon Prime Free Trial Account? Basically, Amazon Prime Free Trial account is same like a regular Amazon account but enhanced with the following privileges: 1. FREE TWO DAYS Express shipping within US on millions of products. 2. No minimum order size. 3. Unlimited access to thousands of movies [...]

Kindle Paperwhite Singapore with Special Offers or Without?

If you have read the tutorials in this website, you should have known how to buy Kindle Paperwhite Singapore or Malaysia.   The next most commonly asked question when someone want to buy a Kindle Paperwhite in Singapore (or worldwide) most likely is “Should I get a Kindle Paperwhite with [...]

Remove Kindle Paperwhite special offers in Singapore

First of all, this is not a jailbreak method. If you have bought a Kindle Paperwhite with special offers previously but now wanted to get rid of these advertisements off your device.  Amazon does allow you to remove the special offers off your Kindle Paperwhite by just paying the price [...]

Kindle App for Windows in Singapore

If you do not have a Kindle reader, Kindle PaperWhite or Kindle Fire, Kindle app for Windows allows you to read Kindle ebooks on your PC, laptop and tablet with Windows OS.   There are 2 versions of Kindle app for Windows, i.e. Kindle app for Windows 8 which only [...]

Kindle Cloud Reader in Singapore

Kindle Cloud Reader is web browser application developed by Amazon using HTML5-based coding, it allows you to access your Kindle library in your web browser. You don’t actually need a Kindle device or Kindle apps to read your Kindle eBook in Singapore, with Kindle Cloud Reader you can access and [...]

Buy Kindle Books in Singapore and Malaysia

Previously we have discussed how to buy kindle in Singapore and Malaysia.  In this post, we are going to talk about how to buy Kindle books in Singapore as well as buy Kindle books in Malaysia, both countries use the same method, let’s just refer to Singapore. As Amazon does [...]

Buy Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire in Malaysia

Why can’t I buy Kindle in Malaysia? Similar to Singapore, Amazon does not ship Kindle to Malaysia too, but there is a way for you to buy Kindle in Malaysia directly from Amazon online store . This is the objective of this website, to teach you how to buy Kindle [...]

How to buy Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eBook Reader in Singapore

How to buy Kindle in Singapore?   Most of the Kindle you see in Singapore is actually the U.S. version, though some are from U.K. or Japan. Due to the strong Singapore currency against U.S. dollar, it is worth and easy to buy your Kindle at Amazon U.S.. [Update: Amazon [...]


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